European intolerance poses serious danger for Muslim population

WASHINGTON — The Pew Research Center, which is based in Washington, surveyed European attitudes towards minority groups living within the European Union. The findings indicate that there are considerable negative sentiments among seven European countries about minorities. The survey, which was released on May 12, also indicates that the negative attitudes are more common among people on the ideological right, paving the way for growing concerns over right-wing extremism and Islamophobia in the EU.

According to the survey, people in Italy, Poland and Greece are the most critical of Muslims among the seven European countries. In Italy, 63% of Italians are unfavorable about Muslims living in their country.

In Greece and Poland, the results are almost the same with more than half of those surveyed having negative attitudes towards Muslims. In Spain, 46% are critical of Muslim[s]…

[An] important fact that needs to be focused on is that rising intolerance and negative attitudes towards Muslim people are mostly tied to ideologies with 40% of the French on the political right giving Muslims an unfavorable rating compared to 17% of those on the political left. In Germany, the situation is seen as almost the same as in France with 47% on the right having negative sentiments towards the Muslim population.
Considering the failure of existing multicultural policies for the integration of Muslim communities, hate groups become more prominent in Germany, as more people starts to consider Islam as a threat to their society. As anti-İslamic rhetoric rises in Germany and several European countries, what measures EU authorities take against the growing Islamophobia is a significant matter for the time being.