‘Zionists’ at root of UK’s woes

A grim motley crew of British National Party Youth.

If you were wondering who is responsible for an assortment of Britain’s woes, the British National Party’s youth wing has the answers. In BNP Youth’s new video, “Fight Back,” posted to YouTube this week, a motley group of earnest teens decries the bankers, capitalists, Marxists, and of course, Zionists, who are to blame for the sad state of British society wherein racist crimes against whites are overlooked while immigrants take over.

The far-right British National Party was founded in 1982 as a coalition of several ultra-conservative parties.Critics call it a fascist and racist party, and founder John Tyndall is famously on record as saying, “Mein Kampf is my Bible.”

The BNP’s current leader is Nick Griffin, who since 1999 has led on a platform of anti-immigrant policies (they should be repatriated — now, voluntarily), anti-Islam rhetoric and support for capital punishment for drug dealers and murderers. The party is anti-European Union and against same-sex marriage, and considers itself the home for “indigenous” British people. The head of the BNP wields semi-authoritarian status with final say on policy.

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You can’t fix stupid.