Russians demand ‘straight’ Eurovision in fury at Conchita the Austrian drag act winning

Singer Conchita Wurst

After an Austrian drag queen won the Eurovision song contest, Russia has demanded a ‘straight’ version of the annual competition, which it has denounced as “endless madness.”

Popularly known as “the bearded lady,” Conchita won the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night in Copenhagen with the James Bond-like theme Rise Like A Phoenix, before a global TV audience estimated to be around 180million people in 45 countries.

But some watching in Russia bristled at the sight of Conchita, the alter ego of 25-year-old Thomas Neuwirth.

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He looks grotesque.  Couldn’t he at least shave the beard?  Or is that part of the attraction?

Or am I just old-fashioned? The Independent has an article entitled “Conchita Wurst: A great ambassador for gender diversity”