Iran’s PressTV: UK mosques ‘invaded’ by fascists

Easton Mosque, Bristol

This time the target was mosques in Bradford. Supporters of the far right group say they targeted 10 mosques. We know they entered at least three – including this one – handing out these leaflets about child grooming, accusing Muslims of being pedophiles and threatening those inside. Police say they are investigating the incidents.

George Galloway who is a Bradford MP visited some of the affected mosques on Monday. The incident fits in to a broader climate of Islamophobia in Britain.

In mainstream media and politics, it has become the norm to sensationalize issues to do with the Muslim community.

For over a week, the papers have been full of scandal to do with British restaurants, including Subway, serving halal meat. The consequence? Subway was also targeted in Bradford. But there was no reporting of that. In fact as of going to air no other major media outlet in Britain has reported on this story. It seems sometimes silence speaks a thousand words.  (Video at link)