Al-Azhar grand imam says Arab Spring was Western plot

Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb

Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, the head of Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, has claimed that the Arab Spring uprisings, which spread across the Arab world in 2011 in a bid to rid it of decades of dictatorship, was a plot initiated by the West to recolonize the Middle-East and North Africa.

“The Arab Spring revolutions have carried some benefits for some Arab countries. Yet, some of these revolutions were part of a larger plot to divide other countries,” el-Tayeb told the El-Hayat El-Youm program on Sunday, according to the Al-Arham newspaper.

“The West has invented incorrect theories to be able to control the treasures of the East, ignoring the fact that science should be a mutual human benefit,” el-Tayeb added in his first televized interview since Egypt’s July 3 military coup ousted elected president Mohamed Morsi.