Taking the Islamic Challenge Seriously

“…Still and all, the West would probably prevail if the struggle with Islam were confined to armed combat. But our civilizational struggle with Islam goes far beyond that. For example, the gradual Islamic takeover of Europe is being accomplished by cultural jihad rather than armed jihad. In Europe, the spread of Islam doesn’t require fighting in the streets; it only requires that Europeans get used to burqas in the shopping malls, streets closed for prayer, cancellation of talks critical of Islam, naked anti-Semitism, and the establishment of religious and cultural ghettos in major cities. We could add the Islamization of schools to the list. In his speech, Blair alluded to a recently uncovered plot by Muslims to take over more than twenty schools in the Birmingham area. The Muslim code name for the plot was “Trojan Horse.”

The point is, we have very little defense against the Trojan-horse type of jihad. It’s not just that we are hindered by a multicultural ideology that demands that we be tolerant unto death, it’s also that the cultural jihadists are well aware of this weakness in our armor. They know that we dare not criticize a non-Christian religion, and they know how to take advantage of our reluctance. Criticize anything Muslim or Islamic and charges of religious bigotry and Islamophobia will soon come your way–and maybe a lawsuit as well.

The beauty of this from an Islamist point of view is that hardly anyone in the West dares to take advantage of Islam’s weakest point–its theology. Theologically, Islam is a house of cards. It could never withstand the kind of scholarly examination that Christianity has been subject to.