Jason Kenney defends online job bank despite outdated postings

The federal government will soon make enhancements to its online job bank amid revelations that hundreds of positions posted on the site have long since been filled, Employment Minister Jason Kenney said Monday.

“We are making improvements to the Canada Job Bank … we will be using new technological developments in the near future to ensure an even better matching of unemployed Canadians with available jobs,” Kenney said in the House of Commons.

The government will work with “private-sector web platforms” when provinces fail to send their own postings to the job bank, he added.

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The Conservatives do not seem to realize how much this is hurting them.  PLEASE DO BETTER!

Because I cannot see the other parties doing better, only worse.

Being leftists, they are eventually going to come around to the view that masses of unskilled workers are just the ticket.  After all, it is the standard tack in the US and Europe, so they cannot be far behind.