Guardian: ‘New Zealand refuses climate change refugees – mass action is now needed’

No refugees please, we’re New Zealanders. That’s the message from New Zealand’s court of appeal. In a decision released last week the court endorsed earlier rulings that Ioana Teitiota – a Kiribati national – is not a climate change refugee. Teitiota, his wife and their children will be deported to Kiribati, where the court believes they can “resume their prior subsistence life with dignity”.

Even if the Teitiota’s can reclaim some dignity, climate change will take it from them. The IPCC projects that the Pacific ocean will swallow most Kiribati by the end of this century. Life in Kiribati is life against the clock. There’s little dignity in that.

* * *
The end of the century? 85 years from now? Give me a break. I do not know the details, but I would say this just a “creative” migrant trying to get into New Zealand.