France: Six devoutly Muslim relatives kidnap wayward Lesbian

Six devoutly Muslim relatives of a 22-year-old French woman drove 1,000 kilometres to forcibly remove her from a life “they were opposed to,” but were stopped by police, according to reports.

The young woman fled her family in Strasbourg, in eastern France, April 24 to go live with a female friend on the other side of the country in the tiny Pyrenees village of Vieuzos. She had apparently run away after her relatives tried to force her into an arranged marriage.

However, her Franco-Turkish family managed to track the young woman down and set out on May 4th on the cross country trip to bring her back to them. Apparently believing in the strength of numbers, her father, mother, two uncles, brother-in-law and brother — who carried a pistol –made the journey together.