Al-Arabiya op-ed: Muslim world should act on the Boko Haram kidnapping

In the West, or more specifically in the United States and some European countries, when a girl goes missing it seems as if the world has come to an end and governments and rescue teams work tirelessly to find the missing persons.

I have always admired the value for life in Western cultures and the governments responsibilities towards its citizens.
In a horrifying act which hasn’t happened in the history of hostage taking, a terrorist group calling themselves Muslim took the schoolgirls hostage and assaulted them because they were going to school.
While Western countries condemned the act of terrorism against schoolgirls, the Muslim world remained silent.

* * *
There have been some boilerplate-style denunciations from the Muslim world, but little else. Only Western countries are offering concrete help.

Are the Saudi imams afraid of Boko Haram? Why don’t they (instead of the well-meaning but silly Archbishop of Canterbury) offer to travel there and speak to them?  How about the Qatar-based loudmouth Qaradawi?

As an example of the hits Islam is taking over this, I followed a comment thread the very-PC Economist yesterday. The article was fairly bland, but the comments were not. Still, it requires a subscription for more than a few reads a month and usually attracts reasonably educated people.

The anti-Islam comments were winning the arguments and getting the most votes. An attempt to drag in the Crusades[!] was met with: “Sorry, I can’t remember stuff that happened 800 years ago.”

Here is another:

The issue with Islam is intolerance.  This comes directly from the religion’s genesis as a rejection of Jewish and Christian belief. Muslims have since taken intolerance to an art form. Rioting when anyone says anything or draws a picture.  Intolerance of others’ beliefs directly leads to terrorism in many instances.  Just saying that the religion leads people to peace doesn’t seem to have been working.  I agree with you, but it is too late to lock Muhammed in jail.  The Quran is the threat to peace.  That is one book that should be banned.