Mark Steyn: ‘In America 120,000 or so full-time law enforcement officers rack up the same number of homicides…’

 “…as about 24 million Canadians.”

Kathy here, guest posting for Arnie.

My theory is that the increasingly troubling behaviour of the cops has some connection to that weird way they are all trained to talk to civilians now.

You know what I mean:

“Sir, what I’m gonna need for you to go ahead and do for me right now is to go ahead and…”

Perhaps this method of “communication” was designed (in theory) to make cops sound smarter than they (mostly) are, and de-escalate situations by sounding as robotic as possible.

However, isn’t it a fact that there is something about this tone and vocabulary that, like a dog whistle, has the exact opposite effect on the civilian forced to listen to it?

So the civilian gets MORE touchy and defensive — and belligerent — rather than less so?