Letter to the editor on Murfreesboro Mosque: ‘Muslims take advantage of traits we consider socially acceptable’

Controversial mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

The letter of May 2 by Mr. Haas reveals that he isn’t aware of what is really going on in the world today. He accuses us of having a [Grade] C education, and you know he could be right, but thank goodness that is just enough education to know that the Islamic Revoluion is not just a Middle Eastern or European problem.

Rather than debate Mr. Haas’s letter of criticism, I will use some information from the book titled “Saddam’s Secrets” by Gen. Georges Sada who was Iraq’s top Air Force pilot. His book should be read not only by we C students but by everyone who wishes to continue to live under our Constitution and not under the Sharia law.

Gen. Sada speaks about the spreading impact of Islam around the world. Some followers of Islam believe that Allah has commanded them to conquer the nations of the world both by invasion and by the sword. In some cases this means moving thousands into another country and by refusing to assimilate or adapt the beliefs or values of that nation and conquer the land for Islam.
According to Gen. Sada, Americans are particularly vulnerable to the spread of Islam because our enemies take advantage of traits that we consider socially acceptable.