LeBron James: NBA players don’t want anyone in Sterling family to own Clippers

Miami Heat forward LeBron James insists no players want to play for the Clippers if a member of the Sterling family controls the team

The NBA wants the Sterling name scrubbed from Clippers ownership, at least according to superstar LeBron James.

The Miami Heat forward said Sunday that no players want to play for either Donald Sterling, estranged wife Shelley Sterling, or any other member of the family.

“As players, we want what’s right and we don’t feel like no one in his family should be able to own the team,” he told the Miami Herald following an afternoon practice.

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I don’t follow sports at all and I know little about this case, but the this a classic case of a tribal response.  In societies organized by tribe or clan, the individual counts for nothing. If one member of the clan has done something wrong, then all members of the clan are equally guilty.

While organization by clan/tribe is the default setting for Homo sapiens, it has largely disappeared in northwestern Europe (and in this countries settled by those people). Nonetheless, as the “vibrancy” of northwestern European societies increases, an rough organization along race lines is clear to see: the race is a large tribe. (And I might add, organized crime and gangs are also modern examples of clan/tribe).