Koran makes plants grow faster, according to student’s science fair project

The pepper sprout that “listened” to Koran recitations ıs seen on the right, healthy and ripe. The pepper sprout put in normal conditions is on the left. The pepper seeds subjected to melodramatic Turkish Arabesque songs is in the middle.

According to common belief – and even some genuine scientific studies – orchestral music helps plants grow faster, while rock riffs have the opposite effect. Now, a Turkish student appears to have found evidence that recitations of the Koran may have the same effect as classical music.

Curious to explore the melodies that make plants bloom faster, Fatma Akkılıç, a young student at the Milas Semiha Altunkan secondary school in the western province of Muğla, carried out a science project in which she replaced classical music with Koran recitations and rock music with melodramatic Turkish Arabesque songs.

* * *
I’d like to see what effect rap “music” has on plants!