Why Mother’s Day ads are so cloyingly sexist

<– Cloyingly sexist

Mother’s Day is Sunday, meaning that it’s time for children to thank their mothers for all that they do, and for advertisers to strong arm their products into this annual family ritual.

The New Republic’s Mya Frazier rightly notes that these ads—which hawk household products and portable snacks with images of doting mothers—purport to honor moms by depicting them as “the conquering hero of childrearing, endlessly in demand, yet always devoted,” but actually end up insulting them by “restricting mothers to the domestic sphere with empty sentimentalizing.”

Happy Mother’s Day, these ads say—now shampoo my head and queue up my Capri Sun.

* * *
I hope everyone takes this serious problem to heart.  It is more dreadful capitalism, combined with sexism!