Satanic inmate suing Nevada jail for religious discrimination, which includes his right to ice cream

A Satanic inmate has filed a federal lawsuit accusing his Nevada jailers of violating his constitutional rights by denying him meals adhering to his strict pagan diet.

Alex C. Snelson, 33, argues in the lawsuit that denying him meals without byproducts and processing additives force him to either starve or go against his religion. He lists ice cream as being one of those foods.

Snelson made the accusations in a hand-written complaint filed to the U.S. District Court in Reno, and insisted ice cream is one of the “whole foods” his religion permits him to eat.

He claims deputies retaliated against him by refusing him ice cream because they said it would violate his religion.

“Each day that I am effectively forced to eat outside my religious dietary guidelines is a day that I must endure feeling totally and utterly violated, tortured and religiously defiled,” Snelson wrote.