German FM supports Chapter 23 in Turkey’s EU bid, even as Erdogan criticizes Germany

Der Speigel: German President Joachim Gauck (left) attracted an unusually bitter response from Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (right) during a visit to Turkey after he criticized the country’s democratic deficiencies.

German Foreign Minister, Frank Walter Steinmeier reaffirmed Saturday his support for Turkey on the opening of Chapter 23 – Judiciary and fundamental rights – during its accession into European Union.

Delivering a speech at the 10th session of Turkish-German Society, Steinmeir said Turkey and Germany have deeply rooted relations and that Germany’s affirmative stance in 2005 paved a way for the negotiations between Turkey and the EU.

Neither European Union nor Germany are excellent, stated the German foreign minister, adding Turkey has a long path ahead on judiciary and democracy and should not abstain from critics.

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That last sentence seems to have a translation problem (it is from the World Bulletin).  It might be better rendered “Neither the EU nor Germany are perfect… adding Turkey has a long road ahead… and should not be dissuaded by critics.”

One way or the other, it is just more craven pandering by Germany to the disgraceful regime run by Erdogan.  Europe is finished.

Related, from Der Spiegel: Erdogan lashes out at Germany in search of votes: Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has been sharply critical of comments made by German President Joachim Gauck about his country’s democratic deficiencies. His assertiveness plays well with Turks in Germany, who could be a strong force in the next election.

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Way to go, Germany!  The more Erdogan criticizes you, the more you shrink and cower and assure him that all is well.