Pew research study: Hispanics and the spirit world

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Some Hispanics incorporate indigenous or Afro-Caribbean practices into their religious experiences, such as seeking help from someone with special powers to heal the sick, using incense or herbs in a ceremony for spiritual cleansing, or making offerings to spiritual beings.

Some Latinos take part in other forms of spiritual expression that may reflect a mix of Christian and indigenous influences. For instance, a majority of Latinos say they believe people can be possessed by spirits, and about three-in-ten say they have made offerings to spiritual beings or saints.

Whether these practices derive mainly from indigenous or traditional Christian sources – or a combination of the two – they point to a strong sense of the spirit world in the everyday lives of many Latinos.

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It is only fair to note that this is not necessarily restricted to Hispanics, although that is subject of the linked study.

A church as seemingly bland as the United Church of Canada featured a sympathetic article on voodoo in an issue of the UC Observer.