Guardian: In Europe, majority of Muslims have clearly accepted peaceful co-existence

In an article on free speech around the world, Timothy Garton Ash notes, correctly, that the free speech situation is abysmal in the Islamic world. But he full of confidence for Europe:

In Britain, and in Europe more generally, a majority of Muslims have, one way or another, clearly accepted the basic rules of peaceful coexistence in a liberal pluralist society. They no longer say, as a British Muslim called Iqbal Sacranie did in 1989, while some of his co-religionists were burning copies of The Satanic Verses, that death might be “a bit too easy” for Rushdie. One small symptom of this improvement was the mildness of most British Muslim reactions to the 2007 award of a knighthood to the novelist…

Her Majesty – or rather, Tony Blair through her – had also knighted that same Sacranie two years earlier. A very British solution: give ’em both a knighthood.
The serious point stands: in Britain, as in many other European countries, the overall evolution among the great majority of Muslims has been towards an acceptance of, and even an active support for, freedom of expression, which necessarily includes the right (though not a duty) to offend.

Unreal.  Any changes in the official line by people like Sacranie is strictly for show!  Takiyya.  The young Muslims are trending more radical than ever.