Greek convert to Islam to run for European Parliament

Anna Stamou.  Note the photo of ousted president Morsi at the left.

A Muslim, headscarfed Greek woman is running for a seat for her country at the European Parliament, with an eye on preventing any discrimination against Muslims and to ensure equality for Greek Muslims.

Anna Stamou is significant in that she is the first headscarfed nominee in the European Parliament (EP) elections on May 25 and will be the first such MP if elected.

Stamou, wife to an Egyptian husband, describes herself as an active woman, not only in dealing with regional issues but also making efforts for the “big picture.”

“I have been nominated from the Eco Green Party Greece – the ecological political party that is a member of the European Green party – as it perfectly reflects my opinions,” Stamou tells Anadolu Agency in an exclusive interview.
Stamou says she was born an Orthodox Christian but “found the answers to her questions” in Islam after delving for years into all religions. A graduate of business management and once a yoga trainer, Stamou states that she is leading a Muslim life since she embraced Islam at aged 30.