‘The Internet is actually quite a good tool for oppression’

Denyse O’Leary writes:

Trust me, I love the Internet. But it was inevitable that so powerful a tool for reporting—or suppressing—information would be commandeered by governments, especially those anxious to form a monolithic opinion among their citizens. On some issues, like gay marriage, abortion, and euthanasia, most Western governments will try to enforce silent compliance. The Internet, built as I noted earlier by good engineers rather than great thinkers, is the perfect tool for their ambitions. Google can make you cease to exist, as far as your fellow citizens are concerned, and the rest is silence.

I’m optimistic only this far: If the Gosnell movie can get made without the filmmakers being arrested, perhaps even on the basis of information apparently supplied by a rogue government agency to the filmmaker’s opposition, those people who want to know what happened will still have a chance. It is a chance that the dying traditional media cannot and will not offer. Those media have found public relations for mindbending government easier and safer in these times.