Ranting about Boko Haram has not yet made it to the Guardian comment page

Instead, we have: Mums’ absence from marriage certificates shows we’re still wedded to inequality: Most heterosexual weddings still woefully buy into patriarchal traditions, the most egregious issue being that of certificates

And, Is misogyny worse now than before the internet? We asked five feminists whether sexism has become more prevalent in the digital age, or simply more visible

And, Why are so many white men trying to save the planet without the rest of us? Climate change affects minorities and women, the elderly and the poor. But the leadership of the environmental movement is pale and male. That doesn’t look like progress

And, Helena Costa will have to be a master tactician off the football field: The issue is not whether Costa is capable of managing Clermont Foot, it’s how she’s treated off the pitch, especially by the media