Letter to the editor: Editorial too lenient on temporary foreign worker program

Dear Editor: You were far too lenient in your editorial of April 30 on Temporary Foreign Workers.

HD Mining in Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia brought in 200 TFWs in 2012 and ignored over 300 applications from qualified Canadian miners because they didn’t speak Chinese, a requirement for the job. Imagine speaking Chinese a requirement for a job in Canada. This was absolutely outrageous and unacceptable.

In April 2013, the Royal Bank of Canada, in a scandal publicized across Canada, was reported as firing Canadian workers so their positions could be filled by TFWs.

Four Canadian waitresses were fired at a restaurant in Weyburn, Saskatchewan and their positions filled by TFWs.  At Husky Energy’s Sunrise site near Fort McMurray, 270 Canadian workers were replaced with TFWs.  The list goes on and on.

* * *
This is worth reading in full. The writer seems to have been following the situation closely. Letter is signed Shelley Skrepnek, Whitelaw, Alberta.