John Derbyshire remembers the Hyde Park IRA bombing…

And reflects on the fate of Gerry Adams:

…a bomb had gone off in Hyde Park, killing or mutilating several troopers of the Household Cavalry and their horses. At that time and place, when Britain had not yet been sufficiently enriched by mass Muslim immigration, “bomb” was synonymous with “IRA bomb.”

The THUD that I had heard was the “two” of the old one-two. A second bomb had gone off under the bandstand in nearby Regents Park while a military band was playing to a lunchtime crowd. The audience, mostly young mothers with preschoolers, was showered with fragments of bandstand and bandsmen. (…)

Reflecting further, I concluded that, from a coldly utilitarian point of view, not only will Adams not be prosecuted by the authorities in Britain or Ireland (it is a statistical near-certainty—see Lost Lives—that some of the murders ordered and/or committed by Adams took place in the Irish Republic), but that he should not be. 

It was at that point that I headed for the liquor cabinet. What a fallen world we live in!