Guardian: Labour must revive the politics of hope, not have Nick Clegg chased by a cat

When British politics reaches a low ebb, I find myself turning to YouTube.
If only Labour could have imported the late Harvey Milk from across the Atlantic to produce its election broadcasts. Instead, it has David Axelrod.

I presume he’s at least partly responsible for Labour’s latest offering, a 1950s-style sci-fi B-movie spoof featuring Nick Clegg as “The Un-Credible Shrinking Man.” He’s surrounded by sadistic, braying Tories, gleefully embracing policies that hammer the poor while a squeaking Clegg becomes ever smaller. The craven, diminished Lib Dem leader is eventually chased across the table by Cameron’s hungry pet cat, Socks.

Maybe I am overdoing it today with The Guardian but I could not resist this one.