Brazil: Woman lynched, killed over Facebook rumour that she was kidnapping children for black magic rituals

A Brazilian woman was lynched to death after a false rumour she kidnapped children for black magic rituals spread on Facebook.

Fabiane Maria de Jesus, 33, was seized on the street and brutally beaten by a mob near a shack in Guarujá, a popular seaside city 70km south of Sao Paulo.

Video footage recorded by onlookers, and subsequently leaked to Brazilian media, shows the housewife lying face down on an unpaved road in the Morrinhos suburb of the touristic town, nicknamed “the pearl of the Atlantic”.
Police were eventually called and De Jesus was rescued and taken in desperate condition to a hospital, where the she died after two days of agony, according to the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper.

Airton Sinto, a lawyer for the victim’s family, said De Jesus was mistakenly identified as a child kidnapper by netizens commenting on a Facebook page about crime in the area named Guarujá Alerta.