Former neo-Nazi gets top Hungary parliament post

Jobbik logo. The crescent is not unintentional: many Hungarians – wrongly – believe they are related to Turks, based on – incorrect – analysis of languages.  Hungarian is not an Indo-European language, making it an outlier in Europe, but it is not related to Turkish either.

Hungary’s parliament voted in a former skinhead Tuesday as its deputy speaker in the first session since an election last month saw the far-right Jobbik party make significant gains.

Tamas Sneider, a member of Jobbik and leader of a skinhead group in northern Hungary in the early 1990s, was approved as one of six deputy presidents in one of the first votes by the new parliament.

“As we all know about my past, I’d rather speak about (my plans for) the future,” Sneider, who was given a suspended sentence in 1992 for beating a member of Hungary’s largest ethnic minority the Roma, told a press conference after the vote.

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Jobbik is also virulently anti-Semitic.