Catherine Ashton to get ‘conservative makeover’ at Iran nuke talks

From left: one of the original images from three years ago, a doctored photograph and the new design

A top Iranian dress designer has made an outfit for Baroness Ashton that could spare the blushes of Iranian diplomats during crunch nuclear talks.

Three years ago Iranian state media doctored pictures of the EU’s foreign policy chief to show her with a much higher neckline than she actually had during negotiations in Turkey.

Her attire then was modest by Western standards but clearly deemed too racy by Iran’s.

The new Iranian set of clothes, apparently a goodwill gift, will ensure the Baroness does not flash too much flesh during future meetings – if she decides to wear them.

Baroness Ashton, 58, has received the dress and “warmly welcomed its design”, said the costume’s proud maker, Mitra Tamjidi told Iran’s ISNA news agency. She “is scheduled to put on the dress in one of her diplomatic meetings”.

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Humbug! This is more submitting to Islam.

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