Why are so many temporary foreign workers in Southwestern Ontario?

A common defence of Canada’s ballooning temporary foreign worker program is that it’s needed in areas with severe labour shortages. Despite this, there has been an influx of TFWs to a very surprising place: Southwestern Ontario.

Any increase in TFWs in Southwestern Ontario should be seen as a surprise, as the labour market has been in decline in the region over the last decade, with London, Windsor and Hamilton experiencing significant declines in their full-time employment rates...

My two-bits on the unfolding  TFW scandal.

The TFW fiasco has legs, and the good news is that over the years every party, but principally the Liberals and Conservatives, have contributed a little something to this mess. The greed of the business community and the incompetence of the governments administering this program have undermined the wages and economic security of Canadian citizens. All are complicit, and all should pay for weakening our social fabric.

What began in the 70’s as a limited, well scrutinized and accountable program designed solely to import highly skilled workers into select fields facing real shortages has evolved into a debacle in which Canadians rightfully question the integrity and intelligence of  their government.

Labour shortage projections? The government relied on Kijiji and other such sites, when a Ouija board or Magic 8 Ball would have been as reliable. Whatever data they received from the business community has to be equally suspect, they have proven they cannot be trusted to act as responsible citizens. Royal Bank anyone?

The conservative government continually boasts that it is setting new immigration records. But they have never answered the question: Why do we need both mass immigration and a massive temporary foreign workers program in a time of high unemployment? To date the conservative government has resorted to pissing on our legs while telling us it’s raining in response.

So what do the Conservatives, NDP and Liberals have to say on the matter? Naturally, like all scoundrels, their first recourse is to wrap this scandal up in the sacrosanct flags of multiculturalism and immigration.

Jason Kenney is on record in Parliament demanding that Liberal MP’s not tell the truth about the TFW, the truth that foreign workers are taking Canadian jobs. He’s concerned that we, the unwashed masses who elected him, might develop negative attitudes toward  mass immigration. Negative attitudes that may undermine an honest discussion of immigration in Canada!

FYI Kenney, we’ve never had an honest discussion on immigration in Canada because the spineless vote whores of the past cried racism whenever anyone had the temerity to question the twin shibboleths of immigration and multiculturalism. Kenney used to be better than that, or so I thought. His actions tell us all we need to know,  he’s more than willing to pander to the ethnic vote at the expense of Canadians to defend a program that has already cost us all dearly.

The Liberals and NDP are no better, each is calling for reform of the TFW, each is wrapping it up in the flags of immigration and multiculturalism and each are as woefully wrong about the respective economic and societal benefits of those policies as the Conservatives.

And that’s the way it is, when our political class isn’t busy selling our economic security for 30 pieces of silver, they’re calling us racists for standing up to them. Welcome to Canada.