Let us be offended!

Year after year, Muslims and Islamic organisations have managed to push for still more Islamization of our cultures. Their main tool for this is their world famous, embarrassing tendency to take offense at virtually anything. Their victim mentality and lack of responsibility for their own actions are natural consequences of being raised within an immature culture that promotes a psychology of outer locus of control: the feeling that one’s inner and outer life are primarily decided by outer factors. Arabs are not surprisingly the easiest offended people on the planet, feeling 19.7 timesmore easily ridiculed than the least offended people, the Danes.

It is shocking to witness how our secular authorities continue to submit to Muslims’ often childish and threatening way of expressing this completely subjective emotion. The result has been a sleepwalk towards still more implementation of the hateful, racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynic Sharia, that the UN and The European Court of Human Rights has condemned as being against human rights and “the antithesis” of democracy.

That offends me…!