Australia: Why have we imported this danger? Why won’t the ABC discuss it?

Is it fair on Australians to have imported such danger? Is it fair on Australians that our immigration program is deemed too sensitive to frankly discuss?

[Excerpt from news story]

POLICE had to call in reinforcements after a group of hardline Muslims gathered at a Sydney police station clamouring for the release of a woman later charged with supporting terrorism.

The mother-of-four was arrested­ as she allegedly tried to board a flight in Sydney carrying­ cash and equipment — believed to include camouflage gear — for her husband fighting in Syria…

Three search warrants were also executed­ — two in Sydney and one in Brisbane.

Hardline supporters arrived at the police station after news of the woman’s arrest was posted on social media, with police forced to call for back-up to deal with them…

So we already have enough “hardline Muslims” supporting a woman charged with supporting terrorism to force police to call for reinforcements. Now imagine if their community was allowed to triple in size. How many more police would be needed at such protests? How many more Australians would be serving with terrorist groups?

These are tough questions, and check how far the ABC and official police sources go to avoid even suggesting them. Which religion? Which country was she heading to?

A mother of four has been arrested at Sydney Airport and charged during a police counterterrorism operation.

Officers from the joint counterterrorism team stopped a woman trying to board an international flight with her four young children on Saturday evening.

Police say the 29-year-old Brisbane woman was arrested and taken to Mascot Police Station in Sydney’s south, where she was charged with supporting incursions into a foreign state with the intention of engaging in hostile activities.

Police will not say where the woman is from or where she was intending to travel.

[Note: ABC is the Australian version of BBC and CBC]

h/t Nicolai Sennels