Taking a second look at Mayor Rob Ford’s fiscal record

What really made Del Grande shake his head was the “unprecedented” decision by Rossini and City Manager Joe Pennachetti to compare the fiscal track records of former mayor David Miller and Ford.

“They didn’t do this with Mel Lastman and Miller,” he said. “Obviously, everyone is getting uncomfortable giving the Ford administration credit.”

I have a name for it — it’s called covering one’s butt should NDPer Olivia Chow win the mayoral race in October. Problem is, they didn’t cover the full picture, choosing not to take Miller’s entire seven years of fiscal mismanagement into consideration. When asked why, Rossini said there were only asked for Miller’s last four years — a request that apparently came from three (unnamed) councillors, one formal public complaint to Pennachetti and “numerous” media outlets.

He insisted they weren’t doing anything “disingenuous.”

In fact, during Miller’s seven years of fiscal mismanagement, he increased operating budget spending by 44%, the capital budget by another 250%. “Spending shot through the roof,” Del Grande said.