Václav Klaus on immigration as a weapon of EU

Former Czech President Václav Klaus

In a wide​-​rang​ing​ interview​ with Weltwoche the former Czech President Václav Klaus​ ​ addresse​d​ uncontrolled immigration into the EU​​.

Welcoming Lampedusa refugees, the accession of Turkey [to the EU] and so on: these are not coincidences. The EU wants to be rid of Germany and the other countries of Europe, and make Brussels the capital!

Short excerpt:

Q: What worries you most currently ​about ​the EU?

A: The deteriorating economic ​situation​, the decreasing respect ​for Europe ​by the rest of the world, the ​rising​ democratic deficit and increasing frustration ​that much of​ the European population are given scarcely ​​any political ​regard​.  That makes me nervous.  This can be seen  in the EU’s handling of the Swiss referendum on immigration.

The top level EU politicians ​want to impose a continental thinking on us.  They want to suppress the nation state and dissolve the national borders.  In order to weaken the cohesion of the nations today, they encourage massive and unrestricted immigration.​

The EU considers the movement of pe​ople [within the EU]​ as one of its fundamental freedoms ​and ​​that to call yourself a liberal ​you must agree with this.

Yet one must distinguish between the “freedoms” that the EU promises us, and the freedom for political and cultural values, that I fight for as a liberal.

The migration beyond the borders of sovereign countries has radically increased in recent decades and has systematically undermined the cohesion and governability of countries.

The weakening of individual states could easily amount to an anti-liberal development because it strengthens the European super-state that the EU is turning into. Yet the EU is less democratic than any of its member states.

I have never considered immigrating to any country as my right.  The fact that the Swiss want to retain control over the extent of immigration is understandable.

I consider the results of the [Swiss] referendum not to be taken as an absolute no to immigration, but as a message: “Let us make the immigration careful and slow.”

We must fight the EU vigorously!  (The article is in German.)