US: LGBT teen who committed fake hate crimes against herself 10 years ago speaks out

Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley, Marin County

A senior at Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley, who was an out lesbian and co-president of the school’s Gay Straight Alliance, was the victim of a rash of anti-gay vandalism in the fall of 2004 for which no suspects were ever identified. Epithets were scrawled on her locker and the side of her car, and then the attacks grew more threatening, with eggs thrown at her, and death threats.

The school rallied behind her, holding a vigil and talking a lot about tolerance. Ultimately, several gay teachers at the school, who were not out to their students, received cryptic, threatening voicemails from a disguised voice in the spring of 2005. Tracing those calls lead Marin police to identify the culprit, who was the girl herself.

At the time, the resolution of the story was pretty unsatisfying. “She did admit to police that it was basically for attention,” said the school superintendent.