No, it’s not racist to think Ukip has a point about immigration

One of Ukip’s leaflets landed on Matthew’s door mat and, through those misty eyes of his, it read like a copy of the Völkischer Beobachter. He saw the warnings about mass immigration, Nigel Farage’s cry that “Enough is enough” and Mr Parris “felt just a bit frightened. This thing has a bad smell. I picked up that leaflet, read lies and saw the menace.” Did Matthew feel the same way in 2005 when Michael Howard asked the public if they were thinking what he was thinking about immigration? Never mind, because what really concerns Matthew is what the “young woman of East European origin” who cleans the entrance of his apartment block thinks about it all. He imagines that if she read Ukip’s leaflet she might be “threatened” by its language. And he adds that it’s a tragedy that no one in the Tory party is prepared to stand up for “the cleaning woman on our East London staircase.” Earth to Matthew: Tory MPs have rarely stood up for East European cleaning women and probably never will. They employ them, they underpay them and they occasionally hit on them – but they don’t typically include them in the election address..