Brunei, sharia law and our right to talk about It

Photo from Long Weekend Getaways, which says, dated April, 2014, “Being a safe country and one of the happiest countries in the world, Brunei would be a great place for you to explore and relax.”

Phase one of the Syariah Penal Code Order in Brunei became effective May 1, 2014… The second phase will involve the corporal punishments of whipping and amputation for theft and other offenses, and the third and final phase will bring out the death penalty.
Now let’s compare the death penalty under Sharia law to the death penalty in the United States… All this controversy over lethal injection and capital punishment brings me back to one thing: Sharia law. If lethal injection is “inhumane,” what about death by a firing squad, beheading, hanging or truly, the absolute worst – stoning?