Pakistan: Clerics’ role sought in protecting minorities’ rights

Addressing a training workshop on Rights of Minorities in the Islamic State, organised for khateebs (sermon givers) and prayer leaders at mosques on Thursday, they said that religious leaders using every available forum to highlight the true spirit of Islam was the need of the hour.

They unanimously declared that it was un-Islamic to incite violence against religious minorities.

Maulana Khalilur Rehman Qadri emphasised the role of khateebs in society and called upon them to use Friday sermons to promote positive values and give importance to human right issues and social problems. Allama Shahzad Mujaddadi stressed religious scholars’ role in eliminating intolerance, aggression and injustice and promote peace in society.

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Nice sentiments, but what are you going to do when your scriptures explicitly allow violence against “infidels” (in Pakistan, these are often other self-described Muslims, especially Shia and Ahmadis. But Hindus and Christians are not exactly popular either).