Kenney gets all teary eyed because a Liberal said foreigners were displacing Canadians under the Temporary Foreign Workers Scam

OTTAWA – Employment Minister Jason Kenney warned his rivals to choose their words more carefully when criticizing the temporary foreign worker program or risk “a coarsening of the public debate” about immigration.

“Let’s be a wee bit careful with this language of displacing Canadians,” he told members of the employment committee Thursday. “A Liberal MP was on Twitter last night saying something about how we’re letting foreigners take Canadians jobs.”

That kind of language, he said, can coarsen the tone of the immigration debate in Canada.

Well Golly Gee Jason, the fact is that foreigners are displacing Canadians because of the TFW.

The same TFW you let run out of control. Suck it up.

Whenever anyone says “mind your tone” you know they’ve lost the argument. This is the surest sign yet the Conservatives have sat too long in Ottawa.

Hey Kenney, wise up or your government is toast next election. The TFW is the biggest scandal faced by the Conservative party to date. Own it. Deal with it, or deal with the consequences and don’t dare tell anyone you don’t like their tone when discussing this issue. Ethnic pandering is the first and last refuge of the political coward in Canada.

Your government screwed Canadians over with the TFW scam, solely to the benefit of your corporate cronies. The country does not need mass unskilled immigration coupled with the massive importation of unskilled temporary foreign workers. You’re fooling no one, except perhaps yourself, immigration will not alter an ageing demographic nor will it protect pensions – see Immigration Exaggeration – Immigrants are not a “secret weapon” to slow down population aging or revive the economy.

The ice is very thin under your feet and it’s starting to crack.

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