What next for Hogtown?

Ford’s addiction spiral is playing out as all addiction spirals do. A month in rehab is just a spin-dry, the beginning of the long process of recovery, and he is foolish to think he will be any better equipped to assume his duties after a mere 30 day stint.

This leaves Toronto with little to no choice for Mayor. Chow? Forget about it, she’s an unrepentant spendthrift communist who has lived off the public purse her entire life. Should she win every leftist parasite in Ontario will be feeding at the public trough – all at your expense.

As the info-graphic illustrates Chairman Chow is not fit to hold public office. Were the MSM “doing their job” Chow would have been hounded  about her vile associations. We know from experience that Ford, addiction or no would have been.

John Tory? It appears even the media aren’t entirely on his side, they have thrown their lot in with Chowcescu, at best this signals a rift in the “establishment” Ford turfed from power. Polls continue to indicate Tory simply does not resonate beyond that segment of the downtown cocktail party circuit seeking to restore one of their own to power. Of more importance is that politically he is only slightly less left than Chow. He is not a right-wing candidate despite the shallow efforts to paint him as such. Old habits die hard, I know this from personal experience. For it’s entire run I listened to Tory’s show on CFRB, as I was too lazy to change the station, so believe me when I say this; John Tory is not a conservative, he is Miller 2.0 and that’s as charitable as I can be this morning.

The larger issue of course is city council, Ford’s stint proved just how powerless Toronto’s mayor’s are, they are one vote. That’s all. The entire lunatic asylum has to be cleaned out, the number of Councillors at least halved, and term limits imposed before sanity can be restored.

Whose still standing? Beats me, it’s a list of no-hopers. Ford scared the crap out of the public-teat parasites of the “establishment”, that was his greatest single accomplishment and ultimately ours, alas no Knight in Shining Armour waits in the wings to carry our banner forward.

What happens next? Maybe the ABC plan has to kick in – Anybody But Chow, that may leave Tory, a member of the same atrophied self-serving establishment we have come to loathe, as the only choice for Ford voters, distasteful as that may seem. For many Ford voters that means no choice at all.

It’s either that or the Dominatrix.