Upholding the law? Not a chance: Denver sheriff halts federal immigration holds

What makes the Denver sheriff think the illegals will make good citizens?

(Reuters) – Denver will no longer hold people in its jail at the request of federal immigration officials once they are eligible for release on the charges they were arrested for, the county’s sheriff said on Wednesday.

Sheriff Gary Wilson said he was prompted to issue the new order by recent court rulings that determined requests by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials for the holds amounted to potential constitutional violations.

“This change in policy is effective immediately based upon the changing legal landscape,” Wilson said in a statement.

So-called “ICE detainers” ask that local police agencies hold a person for 48 hours beyond their release date, a practice that has long been opposed by civil libertarians who say they violate due process rights.

The American Civil Liberties Union said in a statement that more than 30 jurisdictions across the United States have abandoned honoring ICE holds after three courts ruled this year that the requests are voluntary, and local authorities could be liable for constitutional violations.

Additionally, the cities of Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco no longer hold low-level offenders in their lockups on ICE detainers, the ACLU said.

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I guess the “cool thing” now is to follow this example. Good luck, America.

If Canada is now doing better than you in some regards, it is largely because of our controlled immigration that tries to attract educated and/or well-to-do immigrants that are actually planning to contribute something to the country.

It shows how America is falling by permitting all these unskilled, angry (some of them) people to simply cross the border and demand citizenship and goodies.