Ministry looking to allow Jewish prayer on Temple Mount

Aerial view of the Temple Mount

The Religious Affairs Ministry is crafting new rules that would allow Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount, Deputy Minister Eli Ben Dahan said Tuesday.

“We have drafted regulations that will regulate prayer on the mount,” said Ben Dahan, of the nationalist Jewish Home party. “I expect the prime minister and the government of Israel to adopt and validate these regulations and allow all Jews who desire so to go up to the Temple Mount and pray there,” he told a conference of Liba, an organization that encourages Jews to visit the Temple Mount, via video address.

The regulations would reverse longstanding orders banning Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount. The rules have garnered backlash over the last several months amid a renewed interest in visiting the site by Jewish groups, which has served to stoke heated tensions at the site, holy to both Jews and Muslims.

Non-Muslim visitors seen prostrating or praying silently or openly have faced arrest by police for disturbing the peace…