Immigration Exaggeration – Immigrants are not a “secret weapon” to slow down population aging or revive the economy.

In their recent article for NRO, Lee Habeeb and Mike Leven make almost every mistake common to immigration enthusiasts. First, they grossly overstate the degree to which immigration will slow down the aging of America. Second, they make the argument that the country needs more workers (skilled and unskilled), ignoring all the evidence that the country has a huge surplus of unused labor. Next, they mistakenly think that because most immigrants come to work, they make little use of the welfare system. Finally, they imply that immigrants are super entrepreneurs, which is not the case.

Habeeb and Leven’s central argument is that immigration is America’s “secret weapon” when it comes to aging. “It’s our immigrant population that has kept America from falling over the demographic cliff of late,” they write. This is simply wrong.