Guardian: A female host for BBC’s Civilisation would really make history

Mary Beard photographed while filming Caligula for the BBC

British women suffer from facial prejudice – we are discriminated against for our looks in a way that men aren’t. Even though the majority of over-50s in the UK are female, the overwhelming majority of TV presenters over that age are blokes – 82% in fact. So why is it only male presenters who are allowed to let viewers read between their lines? Their facial lines, that is.

The BBC has announced its intention to remake Civilisation for the digital age. The presenter for this “jewel in its broadcasting crown” is soon to be chosen. Kenneth Clark’s landmark 1969 series is renowned and revered, but it had little to say about women. Which is why it’s so imperative to have a female historian at the televisual helm this time…

* * *
This scarcely strikes me as a history-making decision. The very survival of our civilization is under threat and this is all the Guardianistas can worry about? 

Or course, they do not have my pessimistic attitude.

They have not spent hours pouring over charts and tables of statistics (even translating them out of other languages) showing how badly the Muslim immigrant population of Europe is doing and how fast it is increasing.  They are in denial, worrying about fluff.