Brutal crime in Bangladesh: Six-year-old kidnapped and killed for kidneys

Harun, at age 3

After abducting a six-year-old boy from Ullahpara in Sirajganj, a syndicate comprised of locals and outsiders cut out both his kidneys and then dumped the body into a wetland, police say.

Police came to know about the sheer brutality when a member of the syndicate revealed it.

The incident took place early on April 23 under a local bridge known as Udhunia, said Khalilur Rahman, one of the three accused in a case filed by the victim’s uncle Abdul Mannan.

Arrested at Ullahpara’s Kaliakair on Tuesday, 22-year-old Khalil also confessed to his crime before a district court.

“The last time my nephew was seen he was with Khalil,” Mannan told this reporter. The two other accused are Chand Ali and Abdul Matin.

Khalil, arrested on Tuesday

Khalil revealed the name of another accomplice, Delwar Hossain, who aided by Chand Ali doped Harun before kidnapping the kid on April 22.

They took the child straight under the bridge where they met three others, among whom was a “physician” who came from Savar in Dhaka.

It was the “physician” who conducted the operation, according to Khalil. The “physician” and his two accomplices preserved the kidneys in a saline solution and left the scene immediately.

Ullahpara Police Station Sub Inspector Abdul Jalil told this reporter that two four-inch-deep cuts were seen on both sides of the child’s abdomen during the inquest…