Sweden: Leftist Proposal To Grant Infants The Vote May Conflict With Legalization Of Post Birth Abortion

NB – Google Translate – Left Party wants to give babies the right to vote

But I am more radical than that. I suggest that, although the infants should be given the right to vote. You read right, the right to vote and the democratic warmth, should apply from birth. And it’s not a joke or something tokförslag. Pediatric Society is on the same line.

Of course, not an infant is expected to follow the political debate, to decide between different batches or even put a ballot in an envelope. But it may actually their guardians. So why not let the child’s guardian vote about it? In all other contexts in society, we expect the parent to represent the child and is capable of protecting the child. It can be about choosing the baby’s nursery, school, and even the child’s name. Why not extend this to include even voting in a general election?

This system can then apply up to 18 years of age when the child comes of age and is capable of self make their own decisions and enter into civil contracts. But if the parent wants to leave the decision to the child earlier than this, it is of course clear. I even think that this would lead to more political talks between child and parent.

So my suggestion is simple: Provide even infants vote, but through the guardian, and realize the dream of a real and true universal suffrage.