Guardian: What climate denial, oil addiction and xenophobia have in common: Neocons

Leader of UKIP Nigel Farage takes the applause

In one story this month [at Breibart UK], for instance, Delingpole lauded a new US poll which found that: “More Americans believe in God than in man-made global warming.” Only 33% of respondents, the poll showed, are confident that average global temperatures are rising mostly due to human-caused greenhouse gasses.
[Andre] Walker’s story [at Breibart UK] on the report quoted a spokesman for British education minister Michael Gove, saying that teachers who do not offer a “balanced” view on climate change issues are breaking the law. “There has been concern for a number of years about teachers using the classroom to preach radical ideas,” commented Walker, before throwing in a bone for his former party: “The Thatcher government introduced the National Curriculum in 1988 because some schools spent so much time on ‘trendy’ causes that they had little time left for the basics.”
While attacking environmental science and activism, Breitbart UK simultaneously revels in being an unadulterated mouthpiece for right-wing ideology without even a semblance of editorial objectivity. Literally dozens of ‘news’ articles over the last month, many by editor Raheem Kassam, offer gushing praise for the anti-environmentalist UK Independence Party (UKIP) – which as far right expert Dr Matthew Goodwin of the University of Nottingham explains, has “considerable overlaps with the extreme right.”
The bizarre Breitbart marriage between climate-denying Delingpole and extremism-obsessed Kassam is perhaps not all that bizarre. It represents the disturbing logic of how Anglo-American neoconservative ideology is attempting to influence public and politics by harnessing anti-science discourse and rehabilitating the extreme right.

Both these activities happen to support two intertwined goals: empowering Anglo-American control of Middle East fossil fuels, and criminalising peaceful activism that could undermine this control…