Violent attacks see UAE Arabs spurn Britain

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Emirati nationals and Arab expats are the least likely to visit Britain of all UAE residents, a YouGov / Al Arabiya News poll has found, amid widespread fears over two violent attacks in London.

The comprehensive poll, conducted across multiple age groups and nationalities, points to growing concern over the safety of the UK capital among Arabs in the UAE.

It was commissioned after two shocking attacks on Emiratis in London by allegedly armed gangs intent on robbing their victims.

The two attacks, just weeks apart, prompted concerns over whether the city is still a safe holiday destination.
Sundip Chahal, YouGov’s chief executive in the Middle East and North Africa, said that the news of the robberies may have been more shocking to UAE nationals than Brits, who he says have become accustomed to hearing such stories.

“In the UK, people are almost desensitized to this kind of thing. In the UK [a robbery] is a page-seven story. But here in the UAE, it’s front-page news,” he said.

“The UAE … has low rates of crime and few violent assaults. So when you are in the UK, you need to acclimatize – you can’t leave your car unlocked, and you shouldn’t have your valuables on display when in public…”

One of the attacks is described in The Daily Mail, April 10, 2014:

A fifth person has been arrested over a savage hammer attack at an upmarket London hotel that hospitalised three wealthy tourists.

The 32-year-old man was picked up by police today, in Islington, north London, on suspicion of attempted murder and is currently being questioned.

Three other men, aged 56, 34 and 32, have already been arrested in connection with the attack, and police have been given more time to quiz them about what happened.
The attack took place when a lone man managed to get into the seventh-floor room at the four-star Cumberland Hotel, near Marble Arch in London’s West End, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The three victims – sisters from the United Arab Emirates – were asleep in the room at the time and, when one woke up, the man set upon her with a hammer and then turned on the other two before fleeing the hotel in bloodstained clothes.

One of the victims, Khuloud Al Muhairi, 36, is still in a critical condition more than four days after the attack.

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Help me here, UK readers.  Why are the names of the arrested persons not given?  Is this now the standard practice in all cases?

Update: The names have been published: Philip Spence, 32; Thomas Efremi, 56, of Upper Handa Walk, Islington; James Moss, 33, of Hanley Road, north London; Carly Baker, 31, also of Hanley Road. has been remanded in custody charged with three counts of attempted murder.

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