UK: Other parties join to gang up on UKIP, calling it ‘racist’

The first cross-party campaign to condemn Nigel Farage’s party as racist is to be launched this week amid fresh polls showing UKIP may come first across England in the European elections in May.

The campaign is led by the former Labour immigration minister Barbara Roche, who claimed: “UKIP’s campaign needs to be exposed for what it is, a racist campaign. The party is practising what is in effect a form of ‘Euracism.’ They are deploying the same language and tactics used by openly racist parties like the BNP, but instead of targeting migrants from Africa and Asia they are targeting migrants from within the EU.”

Labour and Tory jitters over the rise of UKIP – which led European election opinion polls for the first time over the weekend – are manifesting in an increasingly public debate in both parties about whether to attack it or oppose its anti-immigration policies.

It comes as one Europe-wide study suggested that anti-EU parties such as UKIP could win more than 30% of the vote across the continent next month…