The rise of radical Islam

People are voting for extreme right parties in droves as a reaction to radical Islam. The problem is mostly caused by the inability/refusal of radical Muslims to adapt to the host culture. Not just that, they demand that institutions cater to and/or conform to their Islamic principles. Most of the time the governments of those countries bend backwards to accommodate them.

At this point it is pertinent to ask if any Islamic country (Saudi, Kuwait, Bahrain) has tried in any way to accommodate the religious needs or lifestyles of the non-Muslims in their society? In the Gulf States there are no churches. Christians worship in private houses discreetly, ever so afraid of being found out. None of the Islamic Countries practise religious or cultural tolerance.

Yet Muslims who come from such countries which do not tolerate other religions demand and expect the full extent of their “rights” in the countries they emigrate to like Britain. If only it were as simple as that – asking that their religious needs be met – but it’s not. Communities have seen radical Islam intrude into their lives. Demands have been made which impinge on their rights.