Report says: Israeli tech strong, bureaucracy weak

Israel ranked number 15 in this year’s Networked Readiness Index, published in the Global Information Technology Report by the World Economic Forum, a measure of a country’s realization of its “digital potential,” or ability to marshal information and communications technology (ICT) to advance business and society. Israel “leads the regional rankings with a stable profile” in the use of technology to advance the economy and society in general, the list said.

The index, which the WEF has published for 13 years, measures the capacity of 148 economies to leverage ICT for growth and well-being, looking at a variety of factors, from Internet and communication infrastructure to legal and social issues, education, entrepreneurship, innovation in research and development and the effectiveness of the legal system in contract enforcement. The index found Israel lacking in this last area…

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Check out the listings at the first link.  Finland, Singapore, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, the USA, Hong Kong, the UK and South Korea are the top ten (in that order). Canada is #17.